Kelley Gullo

Marketing PhD Candidate, Duke University


I am currently a Marketing Ph.D. Candidate, specializing in consumer behavior, at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Prior to joining the doctoral program at Duke, I received my BS in marketing and BS in economics from Arizona State University.

In Fall 2020, I will be joining the marketing faculty at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

In my research, I examine how prevalent relational, temporal, and emotional aspects of consumers’ lives affect their consumption choices. Personal relationships develop over time and through emotions, creating a unique nexus of research opportunities that I investigate in a range of projects. 



Gullo, K., J. Berger, J. Etkin, and B. Bollinger (2019), "Does Time of Day Affect Variety-Seeking?," Journal of Consumer Research, 46 (1), 20-35.



Gullo, K., P. J. Liu, L. Zhou, and G. J. Fitzsimons, "Is Choosing My Dog's Treats Making Me Fat? The Effects of Choices Made for Others on Subsequent Choices for the Self," invited for revision at Journal of Marketing Research, dissertation essay 1.

Qin, V., K. Gullo, G. J. Fitzsimons, and R. Staelin, "The Price of Faith: Religion's Role in the Endowment Effect," invited for 2nd revision at Journal of Consumer Research.

Brick, D. J.*, K. Gullo*, and G. J. Fitzsimons, "Secret Consumer Behavior in Close Relationships," under second round review at Journal of Consumer Psychology.

* denotes equal authorship

Rifkin, J., K. Gullo, and K. M. Cutright, "How Time Perceptions Shape Self-Gifting," under review at Journal of Consumer Research.


"The Downstream Effects of Others Choosing for You" with J. R. Bettman and G. J. Fitzsimons, dissertation essay 2.

"Secret Consumption and Interpersonal Goal Pursuit," with D. J. Brick and G. J. Fitzsimons.

"Shopping Plus One: Dyadic Processes of Joint Decision Making" with H. Howe, D. J. Brick, and G. J. Fitzsimons.

"The Effect of Time of Day on Shifts in Power in Dyadic Decision Making" with D. J. Brick and G. J. Fitzsimons.





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